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Legally Yellow: The Yellow Pages

by Chun Mei Ing

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I love you, Ma'am Paz
quinn, seriously
I feel so messed up. My brain is a colorful swirl of chaos and memories. Just because it's colorful, it doesn't mean that it's happy.

Here I am about to write about what I have to say tomorrow in flag cem and I am speechless. I don't know exactly what to say, to all those who have been your students and to those unfortunate ones who haven't. My memories are all in a blur right now. I keep trying to remember more, more specific details but I can't. I just can't.

All I know are these...

You are the best adviser I have ever had in the world.

I am one of the darn lucky students who was placed under your care.

I never thought it was possible but you made me love Soc Sci more.

You make the corniest jokes ever.

Some of them I don't get.

Some I don't laugh at.

But I love you nonetheless.

You are the best dressed teacher I have ever had and probably ever will.

You never fail to make me ask where you got *insert clothing item here*

You were a hardcore LaSallite and I am for Ateneo.

You loved the color green and we can see it in your clothes.

La Salle lost last year in UAAP. Haha.

Wherever you are I know you would be answering me back with some Animo La Salle thing. :))

I have never seen her frown for more than 30 seconds EVER.

Whenever someone greets you you always go "Hello" then your smile.

You have one of the most sincere smiles.

To you, we weren't just a job, a class to handle, you truly cared about us.

To us, you were not just our teacher, you were a friend, an older sister, and a mother.

You are the only adviser of mine to go out of your way to see us practice for Ramayana.

You even watched our very play and was so darn proud of us.

You even helped us with one of our props, a tree that was taller than you.

Ramayana wasn't even under your subject.

You always cheered us on and say "Kaya mo/niyo yan." then you smile.

You rock.

Ang hot mo, Ma'am grabe.

I don't know what else to say... I feel like I'm not doing you justice with just these things.

I will not make LaSalle jokes anymore.

I will wear something green until your fortieth day.

Animo Ma'am Paz!

Though I hate you for leaving us like this, I hate the management of the swimming pool place, I hate the life guard or whatever. I hate quite a number of things because of this but that will never erase the fact that...

I love you Ma'am Paz, we all do.

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I know. You are not supposed to leave when you're 25 and so darn close to everything you've worked for.

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