quinn, seriously

Legally Yellow: The Yellow Pages

by Chun Mei Ing

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OMG I think I just fell in love with someone's voice again. =))
quinn, seriously
I just HAVE to tell the whole world about how amazing this dude is. He sings so well. I have no idea why he hasn't been discovered yet.

OMFG. I love his voice. After NigaHiga, this is my new youtube thing. His voice is so soothing and it suits the whole acoustic thing, GHAAADDD.

Whoever you are, you must watch this. I sang along., like hell yeah. I LOVE HIS VOICE DARN IT. =))

He can make my heart melt.. with his voice :D Plus he's so good with his guitar.

Oh Gabe Bondoc.

Dude does that mean he's like Filipino? But he doesn't have a Filipino accent, so yeah. Iunno. =))


And I love Disney songs...

OMG...... *squeal* I can just close my eyes and listen. :))

Jonas Brothers, who? =)) He is so darn good!!!!

:D DANG, his voice. Crap I'm addicted. This is a good distraction from being pathetic but I am still distracted from my homework, nonetheless. =))

oooooooooommg. =)) He's just AMAZING. :D

But if you're a guy then it must be weird watching him singing you all these songs. =)))))) But you MUST agree that he has such a good voice. :D

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you know what, elle, i have a batchmate (who was my classmate in third year) who sort of looks like this singer (especially with the glasses). he can also sing(-ish, i guess) and play the guitar really well. i bet if you meet him, you will also definitely fall in love with him.

by the way, how come most of my newfound friends in lj have several names? maybe i should have more names too...

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