quinn, seriously

Legally Yellow: The Yellow Pages

by Chun Mei Ing

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Yes, I have been procrastinating.
quinn, seriously
What else? I have been looking through Tumblrs. This is why I will never get one of my own. :))

But but but I saw this in the Gleek Tumblr. I find it sooooo amusing. =))


Tik Tok

Wake up in the morning, feeling like Finn Hudson (Hey what up girl.)
Grab my breakfast I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit McKinley.         
Before I leave, say goodbye to my super cool mom.                   
‘Cause when I leave this loser town, I ain’t coming back.

I’m talking Quinn’s out of the Cheerio’s, ohs.                               
She’s gonna need new clothes, clothes.                            
Rachel’s blowing up my phone, phone.                      
Drop-topping, Fabray’s gonna have a baby,                           
She’s always yelling at me, ee.                                                
Trying to make it to glee, ee.


Don’t stop, make it rock.                                                      
Schuester, blow my speakers up.                                      
Tonight, I’mma fight till I get that note right.                              
Tick, tock on the clock.                                                           
But the believing don’t stop no. Oh oh oh oh. (x2)

Too many problems in the world, got all my glee friends.             
Ain’t got a job, no no, have no money to spend.                          
And now Kurt is lining up cause he heard I got swagga,               
but I kick him to the curb unless he got a vagina.    (LOOOOOOL.)

I’m talking Mercedes getting crunk, crunk.                              
Kurt trying to touch my junk, junk.                                        
Gonna smack him if he get too drunk, drunk.
Now, now, we sing till they kick us out, out.                             
Oh Sylvester shut us down, down,                                        
Sylvester shut us down, down.                                                
Sue, Sue, shut us

(Chorus x2)

Quinnie, you build me up, you break me down.                            
My heart, it pounds, yeah you got me.                                     
With my hands up, you got me now.                                           
You got my kid, yeah you got me.

Quinnie, you build me up, you break me down.                              
My heart, it pounds, yeah you got me.                                       
With my hands up, put your hands up, put your hands up.

Now, the mail don’t start cause I killed him.

(Chorus x2)


I love Glee.



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