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Legally Yellow: The Yellow Pages

by Chun Mei Ing

Oh boy.
quinn, seriously
 I just saw the list of the People's Choice Awards winners. I am not happy with it. :(

Favorite Movie: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 
WTF People. WTF. I mean yeah I watched it but there were so many other movies!!

Favorite Movie Actor: Johnny Depp

Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart
I don't see it. How people say she's such a good actress.. She sucks as Bella Swan that's for sure and she won for that role. WTF.

Favorite Action Movie: Iron Man 2
Kay. I enjoyed this.

Favorite Action Star: Jackie Chan
Love him. :D

Favorite Drama Movie: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Favorite Family Movie: Toy Story 3
Wheeee. <3 My childhood.

Favorite Comedy Movie: Grown Ups

Favorite Comedic Star: Adam Sandler

Favorite On Screen Team: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner)
WTH man. WTH.

Favorite Movie Star Under 25: Zac Efron
:"> love you Zac!

Favorite Horror Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street
I haven't watched this!!! :(

Favorite TV Drama: House
I haven't been watching this... :(

Favorite TV Drama Actor: Hugh Laurie
Congratulations, nearly bald man. I still can't believe you were the Dad in Stuart Little. =))

Favorite TV Drama Actress: Lisa Edelstein
Err. okay

Favorite TV Comedy: Glee
You are disappointing me, you know. :| I love Darren Criss and Mike Chang though oh and Brittany 

Favortie TV Comedy Actor: Neil Patrick Harris
YES! <3 But my heart is torn in two for you and Jim Parsons :(

Favorite TV Comedy Actress: Jane Lynch
Okay. Sure.

Favorite Competition Show: American Idol

Favorite TV Crime Drama: Lie to Me

Favorite TV Crime Fighter: Tim Roth

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show: Fringe
Me no watch this.

Favorite Talk Show Host: Conan O’Brien

Favorite TV Obsession: Dexter

Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
WTH. Really now?!?!

Favorite TV Guest Star: Demi Lovato (Grey’s Anatomy)

Favorite TV Doctor: Gregory House (Hugh Laurie)
Of course.

Favorite TV Family: The Simpsons (The Simpsons)
:)) <3

Favorite Family TV Movie: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Favorite TV Chef: Rachael Ray
She gets annoying, really annoying.

Favorite New TV Drama: Hawaii Five-O
I watched this a couple of times it's actually pretty okay :D

Favorite New TV Comedy: $#*! My Dad Says
Don't know this. Hmm..

Favorite Male Artist: Eminem

Favorite Female Artist: Katy Perry

Favorite Song: “Love The Way You Lie” (Eminem featuring Rihanna)
WTH. WTH, So many other songs, seriously.. I've been hating on Rihanna ever since the Chris Brown thing. After they split, her songs started sucking and Chris Brown's too. :( 

Favorite Rock Band: Paramore
You still disappoint me. Your album sounds a lot like your other songs.

Favorite Breakout Artist: Selena Gomez & the Scene

Favorite Pop Artist: Rihanna
Like I said above. >:| I hate your hair too.

Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift
<3 I'm kinda disappointed by Speak Now though. I expected much more after Fearless. Oh well.

Favorite R&B Artist: Usher
:D You are back. yay.

Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: Eminem

Favorite Music Video: “Love The Way You Lie” (Eminem featuring Rihanna)
UGH. eeew.

Favorite Online Sensation: Katy Perry

Favorite Viral Video Star: Tarp Surfing
Uhh okay.

Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/01/06/peoples-choice-awards-2011-the-winners/#ixzz1AFeXiUgX

Sigh people... WHY? WHY? WHY??

JGL <3
quinn, seriously
Moving to happier thoughts and adorable guys :D JGL!  I find this so funny, Sir Martin posted it. :)) I love you JGL. :D

He's adorable even with his shaved head, even if he doesn't sing it in a totally awesome way. Oh JGL your charm...


Yes, I have been procrastinating.
quinn, seriously
What else? I have been looking through Tumblrs. This is why I will never get one of my own. :))

But but but I saw this in the Gleek Tumblr. I find it sooooo amusing. =))


Tik Tok

Wake up in the morning, feeling like Finn Hudson (Hey what up girl.)
Grab my breakfast I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit McKinley.         
Before I leave, say goodbye to my super cool mom.                   
‘Cause when I leave this loser town, I ain’t coming back.

I’m talking Quinn’s out of the Cheerio’s, ohs.                               
She’s gonna need new clothes, clothes.                            
Rachel’s blowing up my phone, phone.                      
Drop-topping, Fabray’s gonna have a baby,                           
She’s always yelling at me, ee.                                                
Trying to make it to glee, ee.


Don’t stop, make it rock.                                                      
Schuester, blow my speakers up.                                      
Tonight, I’mma fight till I get that note right.                              
Tick, tock on the clock.                                                           
But the believing don’t stop no. Oh oh oh oh. (x2)

Too many problems in the world, got all my glee friends.             
Ain’t got a job, no no, have no money to spend.                          
And now Kurt is lining up cause he heard I got swagga,               
but I kick him to the curb unless he got a vagina.    (LOOOOOOL.)

I’m talking Mercedes getting crunk, crunk.                              
Kurt trying to touch my junk, junk.                                        
Gonna smack him if he get too drunk, drunk.
Now, now, we sing till they kick us out, out.                             
Oh Sylvester shut us down, down,                                        
Sylvester shut us down, down.                                                
Sue, Sue, shut us

(Chorus x2)

Quinnie, you build me up, you break me down.                            
My heart, it pounds, yeah you got me.                                     
With my hands up, you got me now.                                           
You got my kid, yeah you got me.

Quinnie, you build me up, you break me down.                              
My heart, it pounds, yeah you got me.                                       
With my hands up, put your hands up, put your hands up.

Now, the mail don’t start cause I killed him.

(Chorus x2)


I love Glee.


I see your true colors shining through...
quinn, seriously


I will be immensely productive tonight.
I will not be distracted by anything,
no more facebook,
no more lj,
no more random internet surfing,
no more ym conversations.
I will focus, yes I will
I will finish my math tonight
I will start on Le Miserables at least 100 pages tonight.
Hopefully more.
I can do this.
I must do this.
I will do this.

Yes I can.
Yes I must.
Yes I will.

I love you, Ma'am Paz
quinn, seriously
I feel so messed up. My brain is a colorful swirl of chaos and memories. Just because it's colorful, it doesn't mean that it's happy.

Here I am about to write about what I have to say tomorrow in flag cem and I am speechless. I don't know exactly what to say, to all those who have been your students and to those unfortunate ones who haven't. My memories are all in a blur right now. I keep trying to remember more, more specific details but I can't. I just can't.

All I know are these...

You are the best adviser I have ever had in the world.

I am one of the darn lucky students who was placed under your care.

I never thought it was possible but you made me love Soc Sci more.

You make the corniest jokes ever.

Some of them I don't get.

Some I don't laugh at.

But I love you nonetheless.

You are the best dressed teacher I have ever had and probably ever will.

You never fail to make me ask where you got *insert clothing item here*

You were a hardcore LaSallite and I am for Ateneo.

You loved the color green and we can see it in your clothes.

La Salle lost last year in UAAP. Haha.

Wherever you are I know you would be answering me back with some Animo La Salle thing. :))

I have never seen her frown for more than 30 seconds EVER.

Whenever someone greets you you always go "Hello" then your smile.

You have one of the most sincere smiles.

To you, we weren't just a job, a class to handle, you truly cared about us.

To us, you were not just our teacher, you were a friend, an older sister, and a mother.

You are the only adviser of mine to go out of your way to see us practice for Ramayana.

You even watched our very play and was so darn proud of us.

You even helped us with one of our props, a tree that was taller than you.

Ramayana wasn't even under your subject.

You always cheered us on and say "Kaya mo/niyo yan." then you smile.

You rock.

Ang hot mo, Ma'am grabe.

I don't know what else to say... I feel like I'm not doing you justice with just these things.

I will not make LaSalle jokes anymore.

I will wear something green until your fortieth day.

Animo Ma'am Paz!

Though I hate you for leaving us like this, I hate the management of the swimming pool place, I hate the life guard or whatever. I hate quite a number of things because of this but that will never erase the fact that...

I love you Ma'am Paz, we all do.

OMG I think I just fell in love with someone's voice again. =))
quinn, seriously
I just HAVE to tell the whole world about how amazing this dude is. He sings so well. I have no idea why he hasn't been discovered yet.

OMFG. I love his voice. After NigaHiga, this is my new youtube thing. His voice is so soothing and it suits the whole acoustic thing, GHAAADDD.

Whoever you are, you must watch this. I sang along., like hell yeah. I LOVE HIS VOICE DARN IT. =))

He can make my heart melt.. with his voice :D Plus he's so good with his guitar.

Oh Gabe Bondoc.

Dude does that mean he's like Filipino? But he doesn't have a Filipino accent, so yeah. Iunno. =))


And I love Disney songs...

OMG...... *squeal* I can just close my eyes and listen. :))

Jonas Brothers, who? =)) He is so darn good!!!!

:D DANG, his voice. Crap I'm addicted. This is a good distraction from being pathetic but I am still distracted from my homework, nonetheless. =))

oooooooooommg. =)) He's just AMAZING. :D

But if you're a guy then it must be weird watching him singing you all these songs. =)))))) But you MUST agree that he has such a good voice. :D


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